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DashMeterPro for iRacers

5.5 usd

DashMeterPro has been constantly updated and improved since its release in 2012 and is now used by some professional simulators. Thank you for your support.• Digital widgetsGear Indicator, RPM, Speed, Position, Current Lap Time, Last Lap Time, Lap Number, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel, Drivers Information, Clock, Battery Voltage, Session Remaining Time, Session Remaining Laps, Session Elapsed Time, Turbo Pressure and others described below.
• Dynamic DialsAuto scale, editable style, scale, angle, size and warning thresholds. For RPM, Speed, Throttle, Brake, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Turbo Pressure, ERS power.
• Make your own dashboardMove, rescale, add or remove any parameters, three different presets containing up to five screens each can be saved. All colors fully customizable.
• RPM LEDs BarFully Customizable colors, four styles, three animations and Speed Limiter function. Automatic or manual threshold settings.
• In-Car Settingsup to 23 widgets depending of the car, showing the current settings. Differential, brake bias, flap position, wings position, anti-roll bar, traction control, throttle shaping, fuel mixture etc...
• Racing Flags Display of Racing Flags on the additional LEDs Bar (checkered, white, green, yellow, yellow warning, blue, black, furled and disqualify flag).
• ERS, DRSERS power, battery and consumption, DRS status on the additional LEDs bar.
• Shift LightFlash on screen, Automatic/Manual threshold and color settings.
• Drivers informationReal time cars track positions, Real time difference to the drivers in front and behind you in the ranking (Race) and Best Lap time of the drivers in front an behind you (practice, qualify).
• Delta TimeVS overall best, overall optimal, session best, session optimal, session last.
• Braking StatisticsDistance, time, speed in/out, G-force avg/max.
• Fuel CalculationsFuel Quantity, Fuel Consumption by Lap, Projected Laps for Fuel (update in real time or at passage on the line) , Fuel Pressure, Fuel Needed to Finish and Fuel to Add to Finish.
• Low fuel, Water temp, Oil temp, Delta time warningsDefine the thresholds, the application will notify you visually when you go over any of them.
• G-Force Meter (plotted 5s)
• Throttle and Brake IndicatorDisplay of Inputs on dual gauges, analog gauges or on the additional LEDs Bar.
• Engine Power and Torque estimations (experimental)Based on speed, RPM, weight, wheel radius, SCx and G-forces.
• Live and Logged TelemetryOn track you can compare any parameters in real-time with one of the saved laps. Once back in the Pit, you can save a lap and compare it to any saved laps using the telemetry screen. You have the possibility to add two vertical cursors on the graph to display the differential +/- time from the saved lap to the lap being viewed on a selected portion. You will be able to compare each turn independently.
The following data are recorded:Speed, RPM, Gear, Drift indicator (based on real yaw and theoric yaw), throttle/brake positions, steering angle, lateral/longitudinal/vertical forces, fuel, oil temp, water temp, lateral/longitudinal slopes.
• Save the telemetry data for further calculations.
Units available:Mph/Kmh ; °C/°F ; L/gal/Kg/lb ; psi/kPa/bar
Requirements:- Wireless or USB- DashMeterCom
The installation instructions are available on or
Support:• 5 Days Refund Policy.• Should you experience issues, contact me before adding a comment, the solution might be easy or a fix ready.
DashMeterPro is NOT an iRacing™ official software and is provided "as is" and "with all faults". All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.